Live Trap models can be stored and transported more efficiently by placing the 24 inside the 28, inside the 302, inside the 50, etc...

When the trap is set; the Trigger is under spring tension. The trap can be bumped, or the door can be lifted and the trap remains set. This prevents small rodents, wind gusts, or animals from setting off the trap prematurely. Note; Traps are set to a standard tension at the factory, but tension is adjustable to allow for lighter or heavier pan release.

The Door and Pan are made utilizing Rod construction which is more durable than Sheet Metal or Wire Mesh. This translates into more up-time, fewer repairs and also makes it easier to clean.

The Trip Rod is located on the outside of the trap to prevent animals from bending it after the catch is made. The Pan rotates 180 degrees with the Pan Post protruding from the bottom of the trap and resting in the soil or trap surface.

All Clips and Rings are securely fastened for superior strength & durability.

Wire is doubled around the bait area to prevents animals from reaching through and stealing food or setting off the trap from the outside.

The vertical door design ensures that the entire cage length is utilized resulting in a compact, efficient trap. The door is designed to utilize a gravity lock to keep it closed; this also ensures that if the fall of the door is interrupted, it will continue to close when door travel is resumed. Also; animals can be released easily by rolling the trap upside down which will allow the door to open.

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A Stake is included with each trap to secure it to the trapping surface. This prevents animals from moving the trap before, during, and after a catch has been made.

The Handle is guarded to protect the hand when transporting the cage when animals are inside.